Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Party and such

Tonight at KTV (my English academy) was our Halloween party. How can I explain this hoopla? Two words: Organized Chaos. Pictures to follow. I was a terrorist. How awesome am I!? Bin Ladin and the axis of evil have been found! Sidenote to George W. Bush and the FBI: Just kidding. I love America.. kind of.

After the party and afternoon/evening classes, Mr. Mark, Ms. Patsy, Long and his wife, Trang, and I went to eat and drink. I had a bit of a headache and was still recovering from being sick so I didn't eat or drink much. This coffee restaurant is very nice and quiet; however, after 8pm it transforms into a rave coffee bar with trance music blaring from multiple speakers strategically placed throughout the establishment. We went to what we thought was a quiet room. To our dismay, there were two big speakers bellowing music. Mr. Mark, cheeky as he may be (I'm British now!), decided to unplug the wires so that we could enjoy a peaceful cup of joe, beer, and dinner with friends.

Long will stay over tonight because I am not feeling well. I'm sure that will give Co Mai (the lady I rent from) something else to talk about. More about that in another blog. Anyway, Long's a good em trai (younger brother). I'm quite fortunate to have good people in my life wherever I go.

Until next time...


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