Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lazy Wednesday

I slept in today... until an amazing 9am. I guess I needed the sleep. My dad always (to this day, even though he's retired) wakes up at 4am and goes to sleep the night before by 8pm. I was always fascinated by his systematic schedule because I have always been the opposite. I'm a night owl. Usually (in the past), it was common for me to go to sleep at 3, 4am and wake up at 1 or sometimes 2pm... and maintain a life that way for many years. People always told me that the older I get, the earlier I would get up. That NEVER happened to me.. until I moved to Vietnam. What the hell? Now, I'm waking up at times when I used to go to bed. I wake up now at 7am so this paragraph is basically me talking to myself and thinking about how strange it is for me to say that I "slept in" until 9am. Weird. Indeed, old age has arrived.

I went to the "island" today with Long to have my bike repaired. The horn worked sporatically, and in Vietnam, a horn is a basic necessity. Also, I would have to kick start my bike because the starter on the handlebars wouldn't work. That wasn't a big problem because the kick starting of my bike was my daily exercise plan. So those two things were fixed today after Long's friend, Mr. Tu, put it a new fuse box. Now, if only my gas guage would work properly. However, my motorbike is much easier to maintain than the automobiles I've owned. If I ever return to the states on a permanent basis, I will own a bike - especially with gas prices now anyway.

Aside from having my bike fixed today, I taught a class at KTV tonight. It was a new class for me, and they were wonderful students. I'm learning this 'art' of shutting up and allowing the students to talk more. I'll get it.. eventually.

Tomorrow is my busy day. I will get up at 5:30am and teach four classes in the morning at the high school. I will surely nap before I teach two classes at KTV in the evening. As my friend, Toan, would say.. "A bientot! "


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