Thursday, October 23, 2008

Typical Thursday

So, I really should have started my blog when I moved here, but I've been here for over two months now... better late than never, perhaps.

Today is Thursday. On Thursdays, I get up at 5:30am and teach my first of four classes at Tran Dai Nghia High School at 7am. Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a morning person so of course I am not very enthusiastic about getting up that early, much less in any capacity to cheerfully teach classes. But I muddle through and get it done. I taught four English classes this morning at the high school. The classes average fifty students (yes, per class). I am entertaining and fun (in my mind) so the kids respond well. I do okay with classroom management. My method is to keep it fun and interesting - keep them talking so they don't have time to be bored. If that doesn't work, I outweigh them by about five tons so I can always just pick them up and throw them out of the window.

I finished teaching at the high school at 10:20am and made it back to my comfortable apartment by 11am. After a three-hour nap (no lie), it was time to go to my academy and teach two ninety-minute classes. Busy day, yes, but I'm still new here and need the money. I paid my motorbike off and have yet to pay my laptop in full. My first month here, my laptop was stolen out of the hotel room I was staying in. So I bought a new one on credit. It's not as big, but it gets the job done.

I love my apartment. It has everything I need, i.e. internet, cable tv, air conditioning (which is a MUST in Vietnam), etc. Below are some pics of my bedroom and computer area, which is essential, of course.

For now, I will go to bed. It is after 10:30pm, and I'm whipped. I will likely fall asleep watching the geckos in my bathroom devour the mosquitos and moths that foolishly fly through the window. It's nature. Indeed.


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