Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Lazy Sunday

This morning began with coffee with one of my students and his brother, who spoke very good English. I wasn't feeling exceptionally well, but I wanted to venture out on my new scooter and grab some coffee. We had a lovely time with the exception of me knocking my first coffee out of the waiter's hands with my dramatic hand gestures when telling a story to my companions. Some things about me will never change as I will always feel the need to be on display, as my friend, Brian, once stated.

Andy stopped by around noon, and we set off to Coopmart and had lunch. I did a little shopping and found a TREASURE - Double Chocolate Milano cookies!! Sometimes in Vietnam, these small finds are priceless!

I came home and rested in my bed for the afternoon and managed to take a short nap. Upon waking up from my sleep, I felt terrible. My headache and weakness had returned. Mr. Duan then called to me to invite me to have rice soup that Tiem had cooked. Ti was there, and Mr. Phuong made an appearance at the table. The food, as always, was great, but I was ill so shortly thereafter returned to my bed.

Below are some pics from tonight's gathering around the table. Ti, the youngest son of Co Mai and Mr. Phuong, is in the white tank. Tiem, the niece and wonderful cook, takes care of the family and is throwing up the peace sign in the second pic. Duan, a friend of the family who also helps around the house, is in the white collared shirt, and the last pic is of Mr. Phuong, the man of the property. He's a funny guy who always makes me laugh. He, also, speaks pretty good English.

I mostly just lounged around until Mr. Mark came by later in the evening to bring me some Advil PM. It will alleviate the pain in my head as well as help me sleep tonight. I didn't sleep well last night due to my excessive coughing.
I will go to sleep soon after watching Southpark and hopefully enjoy a decent night's rest. Ciao.


Blogger Patsy said...

So sorry you're still fragile... call me for a therapy session! I think that's Thim by the way.

December 1, 2008 at 12:19 PM  

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