Monday, November 24, 2008

Blah Monday

This morning started with an early private lesson with Dao and Duc. They only want to study for an hour and a half now instead of two hours, and that's fine with me. Two hours tends to drag out a bit. Today we talked about their upcoming life changes due to their moving to Australia and Saigon, respectively. They will pay me every ten days, which doesn't help me now, but it will in nine more days :D I get paid next week from KTV so I will have a fantastic next week of money coming in. Hooray! Besides, I am gonna need some money because my damn bike keeps acting up. My want for a new bike is transitioning into a NEED for a new bike. So I hope to get one soon. Below is a pic of me as Osama for Halloween on my bike.

Tonight, I taught two classes at KTV. They were very good. Time flew by very fast because I really enjoy the classes there. I really enjoy teaching high school students and adults.

Anyway, I gotta wake up early for my private lesson with the boys again in the morning. Good night.


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