Saturday, November 8, 2008

Busy Saturday

Today and tonight at KTV, I taught three forty-five minute classes. They were good for the most part, except for this incredibly rude teenager who has a horrible attitude. I told Ms. Yen I would not allow her in my class again. I, also, asked her to call the girl's parents and explain to them the issue with their daughter. And she's ugly. Anyway... More work = more money. I'm happy about that.

Funny. As I was writing this blog, one of the students in that class just messaged me on Yahoo. Here's what she had to say:

Tramot: SHE'S A BABY
Tramot: anyway all people in my class verry verry like u
Tramot: Tramot: we like u teach my class
Tramot: it's doesn't matter
Tramot: u're a good teacher
Tramot: that's true
Tramot: i don't tell lie to make u happy

Happy to know that I have the support and love from my students :) They like me, most of them anyway.

Tomorrow morning, I will teach two classes at KTV (Yes, on Sunday), have lunch with Andy and his family, then we will all go to Cambodia for the rest of the day! I need lots of sleep for tomorrow! Good night. Below is a pic of where I spend my evenings. My home away from home.


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