Thursday, November 6, 2008

Forgotten Tidbits

Some things I wanted to write down and forgot to mention in the midst of my broken laptop fiasco.

Someone stole Andy's dog... his sickly dog that couldn't even stand on its own. Someone stole it.. only to sell it for dog meat in the market.

A police officer slash crossing guard (I'm still not sure what he was) got angry today when he was trying to stop me to let children cross. I didn't see him. Oops.

I'm going to Cambodia on Sunday - super excited about that!

My high school didn't have classes today because they were testing so I got to sleep in. It was wonderful!

I'm working every day this week... blah

Long and I had a falling out today after he messaged me and told him I only needed him when no one else was around. Apparently he was upset that I got Ms. Khanh to go to the computer place with me instead of him. I don't understand his train of thought, but I'll keep my distance from him for a little while and let him figure out what he wants. I messaged him and told him I have been nothing but nice to him and his statement was not true. Jealousy, perhaps? I don't know.


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