Monday, November 3, 2008

Mishap Monday

This will be a brief entry as I am writing this entry from Ms. Patsy's laptop. Mine has crashed... again. It is currently in the repair shop for the fourth time in six weeks where I've given the ultimatum of "for real" fixing it this time or replacing the whole damn thing.

Also, today marks the day that I had my first accident. I ran head on into this old ass woman who was driving the wrong way down the shoulder. Whatever, no harm done really. Just a little alignment problem that I got repaired today along with my gas gauge, signal light, and an oil change.

I'll write more when I get my laptop back... and then I will write about how I became a loud ass embarrassing American up in the computer store arguing with the Vietnamese manager about how I knew more about laptops than he did. Hey, I made a scene to get things moving with the repair situation.. and it seems to have worked.

Good night.


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