Friday, November 21, 2008

Mo' Money

Today, two brothers wanted me to give them private lessons before they shoved off to study abroad in two months. It will be an extra $200 a week, and that's damn near a small fortune here, so I'm very excited about that! I can send more money home and eventually buy furniture and a new motorbike - hooray! I will start on Monday and will tutor them for two hours every morning, five days a week.

Today has been a boring but relaxing day so far. This morning, I had breakfast with Dao, one of the brothers I'll be tutoring. Afterward, I took a nap, and then one of my students took me out to eat for lunch for Teachers' Day. Yes, it was yesterday, but I plan to keep this tradition alive for as long as possible.

Now, I'm at KTV and am soaked from my elbows down as it is raining cats and dogs. The raincoat I wear doesn't quite cover my arms. I should invest in a bigger one.

Oh, I forgot to mention in my blog yesterday.. at least I think I forgot to mention it, maybe I did, maybe I didn't... anyway.. I will be buying an eliptical machine from my landlord. I will put it in my bedroom and work it OUT while watching tv. I'm very excited about this because now I can get back into some kind of decent shape and better my health possibly. Life is good.

That's it for now. I need to plan my lessons and get to work.


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