Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Motorbike

I almost put exclamation marks at the end of my title because I'm so estatic! I got a new bike today. It's big and new and reliable!! Maybe it's not so much a motorcycle as it is a scooter, but whatevz. It's actually a second hand bike but with only 2000 km on the odometer. So, practically, it's new. I traded in my clunker of a bike for 3 million VND (Vietnamese Dong) so I paid 16 million VND for my new bike. That's just under $1000. I don't get paid until Monday so Sophia's dad, who has now adopted me as his little brother, paid it in full and told me to pay him back later. Wow! These Vietnamese people are wonderful!! Below is a pic of me on my new bike. Yes, I'm sucking my gut in. Thanks.

After getting my new bike, I taught a class at KTV... the dreaded Cheese class with far too many students. From there, Sophia and I met up with Dao, Duc, and their friend at this circus that came in town for tonight only. Truly, it was just a zoo. Just a snake, some dogs, a bear, a monkey, a crocodile, and a rabbit that was used in a lame magic trick. Below are some pics I took of us because we were a bit too far away to get a decent shot of any of the spectacular animal tricks... blah.

Tomorrow, I am off, and I plan to stay in the bed all day, rejuvenate myself, and just relax! I'm still a little under the weather.
Time for bed. Good night.


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