Thursday, November 13, 2008

Productive Thursday

For some odd reason, I can never sleep on Wednesday nights. I don't know exactly what it is, but it may be the anticipation of having to get up so early on Thursday mornings and the distinct possibility of my oversleeping. I think I just "self-helped" myself. Kudos to me. I finally fell asleep about 3:30am and woke up at 5am. I taught four wonderful classes at my high school this morning and arrived back at my apartment about 11am. Next Thursday is Teachers' Day in Vietnam, so I have the entire day off!! I don't have to go back to my high school for another two weeks. Usually, when I get home from teaching there, I take a power nap for a good three hours, at least. But the internet man had not visited my place as of that time and was expected to begin his work on rerouting my internet from the main house to my place at 2pm. So I lay down for maybe thirty minutes and dozed off watching Ellen, only to wake up from a stupid dream of snow in Vietnam and me videoing it and uploading it to youtube in hopes of being featured on the main page. Who dreams that? Anyway, the internet man parlayed his way to my place about 3pm, at which time I went to KTV and did some super preparing for lessons of the two classes I taught tonight.

I'm happy to say that my internet is working now, my laptop has not crashed in two days, and my bill will be cheaper since I'm sharing with the main house. Life is good.

Mary and Sunny asked me to post their picture on my blog so you can see them below. They are two of my students who also work in the cafeteria at the school. They force me to buy chip chips (Gummy bears, basically) every day! I'm tired now. Good night.


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