Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Saga Continues..

So... my laptop wasn't properly repaired by my student's colleague so I took it back to the computer store (Thegioididiong) this morning with the help from Little Michael and Cena, a student who works with computers. The technician finally made the decision to send it to the HP store in Saigon and replace the hard disk. I thought that was the conclusion reached from my last visit there but apparently not. The Vietnamese have this "rule" with not returning things. To that, I say a clear and defiant, "EFF THAT!!" I will get all loud and Louisiana up in that store. Don't have me do it!! Supposedly, I will have a new hard disk, and my laptop will be returned to me on Saturday. I'm skeptical, for obvious reasons, so let's just see.

By the way, I'm totally out of money. I have money in my bank account back home, and a Visa/Debit card here with me, but I've no clue how to use it here since there seem to be a lack of ATMs here and the fact that NOWHERE in this place takes credit cards. I need gas in my motorcycle, and I'm hungry! Yes, living here is cheap as anything, but I've been getting myself situated these past couple of months with the moving expenses, motorcycle purchase, etc.

Speaking of my motorcycle, it wouldn't start this morning or this afternoon when departing for KTV, where I am writing this blog. Apparently there was/is water in the starter part of the engine deal or whatever. Mr. Duan helped me out both times by doing something along the lines of wiggling the cable... and off I went.

Teachers' Day is in two days. It's a big deal here in Vietnam where the students visit all their old teachers. Since I'm new here, I have no old students. So my academy had plans for the teachers to go to a waterfall, but that fell through. As of present, I think we're going to a restaurant, but no one knows of that. Besides, everyone has already made other arrangements since there has been no communication on this issue so I say just GIVE US MONEY.... and Happy Teachers' Day to us!! :D

P.S. Why does everything in Vietnam continuously break down!??


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