Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trip to Cambodia

Today was an extra special day, and I am TIRED!!! I didn't fall asleep last night/ this morning until somewhere between 4 and 5am. I taught two classes this morning at KTV so I had to be there for 8:30am. Blah. However, they were great classes, and here are a couple of pics I took at KTV this morning.

After work, Andy's family and I had lunch together. His mom is an excellent cook and has sort of taken me in under her wing. They are a great family and have been very helpful to me. We then got into our rented taxi and set off for the hour and a half long journey to Cambodia. Let me just say that the adventure was all in getting there. Motorcycle accidents are quite common in Vietnam, of course, but we came upon a bad one. Two motorcycles in pieces, and two bloody drivers laid out on the street. I don't know if they were dead, but they sure weren't moving. So, like any compassionate American tourist, I got out my camera and took pictures!!

Cambodia was cool. It was rainy, though, so we mostly stayed confined to the casinos. I won a whopping two dollars and called it a day! We attempted to go duty free shopping, but the shops were closed by the time we were heading back to Vietnam so we just darted on home.

All in all, it wasn't a bad trip. I can now say that I have visited Cambodia. Surprisingly, I haven't fallen asleep at my laptop while writing this entry so I will get in my bed now.


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