Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Turbulent Tuesday

I am not happy with things at my school. Earlier, I posted this big, dramatic blog about things, but it was too detailed so I deleted it as it may come back to haunt me :) Let's just say I'm not happy with a few things, and neither are my colleagues. And my final thought on that: To make a thorough observation of a teacher and to understand the dynamics of the complete lesson being taught, one must stay in that classroom for its entirety and not just make a snap judgment based on a four-minute glance through a window. That's all.

My internet at my apartment is down again. A worker will come repair it tomorrow. I'm bumming someone's wifi. It does the job, but I must go into my living room to access it. There is no furniture in my living room, yet, but when there is, I will cancel my internet as I won't need it, will I? I'm answering sentences with questions. By Golly, Ms. Patsy and Mr. Mark have me speaking British English!

Here in Vietnam, Desperate Housewives comes on weekly, but it's a season behind. However, last year at this time I was in Korea so I am catching up right where I should be. Tonight was the tornado episode. Scary stuff!

I will go to bed now. I will have pho in the morning with Mr. Mark, as I did this morning. Good times, and good night.


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