Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ab Lounger XL

That's right! I got an Ab Lounger. I'm gonna be in shape! I have my ab lounger, I have my gazelle... watch out, 2009!!!! Co Mai gave it to me, no charge, as I'm now "family."

Today was a very easy day. I stayed in bed all morning, really, catching up on sleep. I haven't been sleeping well at all this past week, so I guess I made up for it last night and this morning. I stayed in bed until 1pm. To be honest, it was nice.

I ate lunch with Uy, his girlfriend, and Mr. Duan. We spoke a bit of English and talked about maybe taking a trip to Hanoi for Lunar New Year.

I taught 1 1/2 classes tonight at KTV. It was easy cheesy, and I'll see that place next year :)

After I came home, Uy was waiting on me with dinner. We drank a couple of beers and talked about making plans to Hanoi... again. Co Mai joined us and told me she would pay for my flight. I was all, "OKAY!" But, really, I declined her offer. We'll see.

I am going to bed now. I'll test out my ab lounger tomorrow. And TOMORROW I will go to Saigon for New Year's!!!!!!!!!!!!


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