Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Thursday

This morning started with me waking up at 5:30. I checked email, got dressed, and left my house for the high school. I taught four classes and managed to snap some shots while I was there. First, is a pic of me, obviously, that a student took. Second, is my sixth grade class, and the second girl is from San Jose, California, and speaks better English than I do as well as Vietnamese since her father is Vietnamese. Her name is Sheryl, and she'll go back to California next year. Third, is the funniest student in my three tenth-grade classes. His name is Dat, and he keeps me laughing.

It was a good morning, and I came home where Co Mai and Mr. Phuong were waiting for me with rice and pork for lunch. Upon finishing my meal, I immediately crashed in my bed for a four hour nap.

Tonight, at KTV, I observed Mr. Duc's class. He's really a wonderful teacher, and I learned some things that I will use in my future classes. I, also, taught one class tonight at KTV.

After finishing work, I met Jerry for coffee. He invited me to eat dinner at his home on Sunday evening. I'll gladly take offers for food :)

Duc and Dao are home from Central Vietnam so I will resume my private teachings with them in the morning. I'm preparing a lesson now on Idioms, and then I'll go to sleep. Good night.


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