Sunday, December 7, 2008

Boring Sunday

Okay.. so.. I totally didn't even know that I was supposed to work this morning until I checked the schedule on my way to meet Little Michael on the way to have coffee this morning. By that time, the shift had ended. I immediately sent Ms. Yen a message to apologize. I also sent out messages to the two teachers whose classes I should have been sharing. They told me it was no big deal, and I would just work next weekend instead of today. Whew! I got my Sundays mixed up and was thinking that I was off this Sunday. My mistake. Meh. :/

After having coffee and breakfast with Little Michael, I came home and just rested all day. I met one of my students, Icy, and his mom for coffee in the afternoon. I then swung by Ms. Patsy's and dropped off my iron to her as she is leaving in the morning for her trip to North Vietnam.

Earlier in the day, another student that I bumped into while having coffee last night sent me some pictures of the event. I didn't remember it, really. Too much beer.

Good night.


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