Saturday, December 13, 2008

Counterfeit Money?

Okay.. so.. I just got back from Coopmart, and the cashier wouldn't take my money. Coincidentally, the bag boy was a guy I had met before because he's a friend of one of my student's. He translated and told me my money was fake. Thanks, KTV, for giving me fake bills. Meh :/ Luckily, Thim was with me, and she spotted me.

Today was a day off for me so I hung out with friends, drank beer, ate, and drank coffee.

Also, I got more videos from a student who attended the wedding party last weekend (the same student, by the way, that I was referring to in the first paragraph). Here are a couple of vids below... neither of which I remember. Good night.
** My vids won't upload tonight. I'll post them tomorrow.**


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