Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today, I took my laptop to the store I bought it from so they could finally install a licensed copy of Windows Vista. So now, three months later, crash after crash after crash after a replaced hard disk and licensed Windows operating system, my laptop is FINALLY working as it should have been when I first bought it.

This morning, I had pho with Dao. Afterward, he, Duc, and I studied for an hour and a half. Then I took my laptop to Thegioididong where the wonderful technician, Vinh, fixed my laptop. Little Michael met me there so he could translate. Then we had lunch at Cafe Giao.

I thought I had two classes tonight, but I only had one so I managed to get a short nap in this afternoon. I went to KTV a little early to prepare some activities for my class. I got paid tonight because I left early last night and forgot to get my salary. So, tonight after work, I ran by Sophia's parents' shop and gave them 12 million VND ($708.80) of the 16 million I owe them for my motorbike. Unfortunately, Sophia's mother's brother, who lives in Houston, was killed a couple of days ago in a robbery. I feel so terrible for their family. The wonderful thing about Vietnam is there are no guns here.

Upon returning home, I gave Co Mai rent money. I pay her 4 million monthly ($236.26), which includes electricity, water, food, laundry, and internet. Not bad, eh? After paying my debts, I have **counting now** 1.655.000 VND, which is $98.04. It's definitely enough to live on for a month since my expenses are gas for my motorbike and any extra food or extra anything I want.

Now, I'm gonna get to bed. I'm teaching Dao and Duc in the morning again. It will be Day 7 of the 10 sessions they paid me upfront for.

Good night.


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