Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Day

Today was a very good day. I didn't drink alcohol... hoorah! I'm really going to try to cut down on the drinking and focus more on my health.

I met Mark and Nick for pho this morning about 8:30. It was definitely good to catch up.

After that, I went home and kind of just checked videos and email before meeting Giao and Minh for coffee at lunchtime.

I went for a ride on my bike this afternoon and just went to the West side of the city, exploring a place I had seen on google earth. I think I'll do that regularly - just hop on my bike and go exploring. I found a beautiful temple on a "mountain" and drove around. It was a nice adventure.

I did cardio for thirty minutes on my machine and ate rice and pork with Co Mai, Ti, Uy, Tina, and Thim. They were all eating baby ducks in eggs... and I just couldn't stomach it. Yuck! Apparently, it's a Vietnamese delicacy. They just ate the baby duck... whole.. beak and all. NOoooo, thanks!!

I taught one class tonight at KTV and here I am now, in my bed, trying to get this blog out before the end of the night.

For now, I'll go to bed. I'm meeting Mark again in the morning for breakfast. Good night.


Blogger A Davila Stephens said...

wow. that looks pretty gross....poor baby duckie!

December 17, 2008 at 4:10 AM  

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