Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good Wednesday Except...

So, I jumped the gun on my perfectly installed operating system as I'm now getting a prompt on my screen that alerts me to the very good possibility that I'm running a counterfeit copy of Windows Vista. I guess I'll take it back to the computer store tomorrow and get it all sorted out.. AGAIN. By the way, do NOT buy anything at this store should you find yourself in need of electronics in Vietnam.

Ms. Patsy paid me a visit today, and off we went to Coopmart to do some shopping. I only needed a lint brush, but of course I ended up coming back with a loaf of bread, some more Milano Double chocolate cookies, and some milk. I only spent about $10.

I taught two classes tonight at KTV, the last one being my favorite class, The New World. Mr. Thom sat in and observed only the first half, and of course the class was on their best behavior. They're always wonderful, though, so it was a good class to observe. They do a lot of talking, and the feel very comfortable with me so they practice lots of conversational English.

Jerry and Lamda, from The Swans' class, invited me for coffee after work, and I just now got back from the coffee shop. I am a little tired now and am sitting in my living room picking up a nearby cafe's wifi as our internet here at the house is out. Perhaps Co Mai forgot to pay the bill again.

I'm going to bed now because I have to wake up SUPER early to teach at the high school in the morning. I "THINK" the semester for me ends tomorrow. I will do effen back flips if that's the case. It's been a fun semester there, but I'm worn out from the early mornings, hot ass rooms, fifty students in a class, and the commute back and forth.. along with the not so wonderful pay. I shouldn't complain as there are scores of Vietnamese people who don't make in a month what I make in a morning there. I should really just count my blessings and stop griping and complaining. Bah humbug! Good night.


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