Sunday, December 28, 2008

Soccer Sunday

I'm writing my blog entry a little earlier than normal as I'm watching the soccer final on tv between Thailand and Vietnam. If Vietnam wins tonight, they'll be the um... Asian World Cup Champions... I think?

I worked this morning at KTV... ALL morning. It went by fast as I paid each class a visit for fifteen minutes.

Now, for some reason, my external hard drive isn't being recognized by my laptop. I'm going to take it in to work tomorrow and plug it in the USB port at the computer there. I hope it works. If not, all my pics and documents are on there. I need to ask my buddy, Yem, what to do in that situation. The device lights up when plugged in to my laptop, but my laptop just isn't recognizing it. I hope it will be fine.

I am posting two pics from yesterday that I didn't post in my last blog entry. Maybe one of them will be Sophia and my Christmas card next year.. haha.

Oh, today I had lunch with Ti and Thim and dinner with Mr. Phuong, Thim, and Ti.

Now, back to the game...


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