Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday... again

So... for once, I woke up to the sound of my alarm this morning. 99% of the time, I wake up before it's time for the alarm. But this morning, I made full use of my time sleeping.

I ventured off to school at 6:10am and arrived about 6:40 or so. I taught four very good classes this morning, and I won't go back for three weeks because next Thursday is Christmas and the following is New Year's Day. Good times.

After arriving home from school about 11:10am, I took a very long and much needed nap. I slept for about three hours, I guess.

I observed half of Mr. Mark's class at KTV tonight, taught half of Ms. Lam's class, and taught one of my own. I saw Duc tonight in Mr. Mark's class, and he told me I lost weight. I love to hear that. Good times for that as well.

Afterward, I met up with Tyler, and he paid for the reservation of the karaoke room for Christmas Eve night. I'm very excited about that, of course.

Mr. Mark, Mr. Nick, and I ate dinner together at a local Vietnamese restaurant, and it was very good. We had a few beers, of course, and Nick made a date with one of the servers. She's very cute. Her name is Tien.

Now, I'm gonna head to bed. I'm teaching Dao and Duc in the morning, and I will be very happy to see them. Good night.

**Bonus Pic** haha... me being a bad ass on my bike... True!


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