Thursday, January 8, 2009

8 January

I have no exciting titles for my blog entries these days so I will just entitle them with the date until something strikes my fancy.

This morning was another morning at Tran Dai Nghia High School. As expected, I woke up earlier than the time I had set for my alarm clock. Hooray for 5:15am wake up days! Blah! I got some interesting news today at the high school. Last month or so, the school got a new principal. He's a very experienced man so he was hired to get the school running more efficiently. A few weeks ago, he came and observed one of my classes. This morning, he observed another one. He smiled all the way through, so I felt good about that. Some of my buddies at the school (who are teachers), while on our break, told me that he had a meeting with all of the teachers in my department and told them they should observe my teaching style because I was very dynamic and exciting! Talk about an ego boost!!! Afterall, this is the setting I was trained for in college for so many years. This methodology at KTV of sitting and just letting the students speak takes some getting used to, but I'll get it! I'm determined.

After arriving home, I joined Mr. Phuong for rice and pork. Then.. I slept.. and slept... and slept.

Five hours later, it was time to join the family for dinner. I ate, got dressed, and off I went to KTV to teach my one class of the night.

After all the years of cheering, I didn't lose my voice a lot. These days, I'm hoarse quite often. Maybe it's something in the air? Not sure.

There has been a problem the past few days with some cable being cut or something that's affected a big area of the city's internet. So, we've had no internet here at the house for a few days. For me, it's no big deal because the coffee shop next door has free and speedy wifi. Now, Ti and his friend, Phuong, are here in my living room catching a signal. We're gonna chat for a bit now. Good night.


Blogger A Davila Stephens said...

you get to sleep alot...I'm super jealous!

January 8, 2009 at 10:30 PM  

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