Monday, January 12, 2009

Cardio Monday

I let my mini-gym HAVE IT today! Finally, I worked my fat ass up to one hour of cardio. I know, so little.. but a big step for me these days as I had gotten entirely too fat last summer. I have lost some noticeable weight with still a helluva lot more to go. One day at a time.

I met Mr. Mark this morning for pho. We did some catching up so it's always good times to chat with him. We met early this morning because he was meeting Judy at 8:30 so they could go into Saigon.

This afternoon, Sophia and I went to Big C to look for the same color tie I managed to burn while ironing. Who knew genuine silk burned so easily?? We didn't find a tie, unfortunately, but I did purchase some markers, pens, and a bottle of soy sauce. I love the stuff!

I taught two classes at KTV today/tonight. They were okay. I'm tired now. I guess I didn't eat enough today, but I ate my ass off last week and didn't exercise very much. Back to being healthy.. except the soy sauce.

I got some paperwork tonight at KTV about documents I need to submit to the government to work here. I gotta complete a health check.. again... so we'll see what happens. I'm, also, still waiting for that stupid Blockbuster Video warrant for my arrest to be taken care of. UGH!!!

Good night.


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