Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tri's Birthday Party

Last night, I was invited to Tri's birthday party at his house. We had a swell time, and they even had a lì xì tree! Lì xì is "lucky money" and is passed around to people in red envelopes during the Chinese New Year. So, I was very happy to see that tree!

After the party was over, I went home and fell fast asleep.

This morning, Mr. Mark and I met for pho. Our usual place was closed as most people will be celebrating the new year until Monday. It's not like America where you celebrate for one day. Here in South Vietnam, the celebrations last a week and even the entire month up in Hanoi!

Ti and his cousin, Binh, and I ventured off in search for M&Ms as I had a craving for them. The neighborhood store was closed, Coopmart was closed, so we went to Vinatex near our house. I had never been there before, and it was a nice supermarket complete with Lotteria! I surely did eat a hamburger and fries with a big Pepsi! Diet tomorrow! ha! Afterward, we met up with Phong and his friends at Andi's coffee shop. I did manage to buy two bags of M&Ms, but after the burger, fries, and coffee I just wasn't hungry for them. I exercised for thirty minutes, and here I am now writing in my blog.

Tonight, Martin and I are going to Saigon to book our tour for the Mekong Delta tomorrow. I'm very excited about that because I've wanted to go for some time. My old roommate from Korea, Tom, is in town so we're gonna all meet up tonight and do the tour together tomorrow with his friends. I haven't seen him, obviously, siince I left Korea. I'm happy to meet up with him.

Time to get ready to go to Saigon. Will post pics of the trip tomorrow night when I get home! Byeeee.....


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