Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Vietnamese Wal-Mart

Well, I've managed to find it once again! In Korea, I found E-Mart, the Korean Wal-Mart. And now, I have found Metro!! - the Vietnamese Wal-Mart. It's located in Saigon, so I drove my scooter there with Mr. Phuong after my morning breakfast ritual with Mr. Mark. I bought some teaching stuff. What's exciting is that I met two Cuban men who were shopping there, and I got to speak with them (in Spanish, of course) and hold a good ten minute conversation. I was very happy to practice my language again :) Good times. And of course the Spanish I speak is Cuban so we got along just fine. I, also, met some Koreans in there and spoke a little Korean to them as well. I'm forgetting my Korean more and more every day, sadly, as I don't practice it here in Vietnam.

After coming back from Saigon, I ate lunch with my Vietnamese family and passed out for three hours. Upon awakening from my short-lived hibernation, I ate dinner with my family and watched the property as they all went out. Security 2009!!

I, also, wanted to mention that last night I met the Espresso class, along with Ms. Lam for beer. Dr. Hau cracked us all up with his animal impressions. I took a video. Enjoy!


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