Friday, January 9, 2009

What a Lazy Day!

Last night, I couldn't sleep... at all. I stayed in bed most of the day until 1pm after tending to my new tooth.

I had a visitor late last night. As I was lying in my bed watching tv, I heard a clatter in the bathroom. I turned on the light, looked in, and my toothbrush holder along with my two toothbrushes had fallen off the sink. Very odd I thought... and then there it was! A damn mouse.. sitting on my sink.. just relaxing and looking at me. No fear. So I closed the door and left him in there the rest of the night. I got up this morning, and he was gone. I'm not quite sure if he managed to climb up to the ceiling on the pipes. At any rate, he's gone now.. I think.

Today, I visited Sophia's college and had a short chat with Mr. Pho, the head of the English department. He invited me to talk with one of the Freshman English classes there. They were all so lovely, and I invited them to ask me questions so that they could practice their speaking and listening skills. I enjoyed them, and I think they enjoyed me. I'd really enjoy going back to "invade" the class and help them practice. It was very enjoyable.

Afterward, Sophia and I went shopping for ties for the new shirts I bought the other day. We found some GREAT ones, and I can't wait to take pictures of everything I bought. I'm gonna look very handsome this year!! I like playing "dress up."

I only taught one class tonight at KTV so I'm home early tonight and just relaxing in bed. I have to teach early in the morning so I'm going to TRY to sleep soon. We'll see how that goes. If I can't sleep, I'll just relax and catch up on videos online. Good night... for now.


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