Friday, February 6, 2009

Care Package Secured

Finally.. my care package from New Orleans complete with Louisiana spices, sauces, jambalaya and gumbo mixes has arrived ... a month and a half after it was sent. My great friend, Toan (who is Vietnamese) sent it to me from back home. I was so happy to finally get it. I took a photo of all the wonderful items he put in there for me. Thanks, em trai!!!
Before I went to pick up my package, Mr. Mark and I ate pho for breakfast. Big surprise, right? But after I picked up my package, Highland, my good buddy I met while playing volleyball in Long Thanh called me to tell me he was in town. I met him at Amata, and we went for coffee. Afterward, we came back and chilled for a while before grabbing lunch. We dozed off, and he left to go back to Long Thanh. He's a nice guy, and I am looking forward to our future friendship. Check out that double chin below.

Tonight, I realllly didn't feel like teaching, but I have tomorrow off so I was looking forward to that. Man, I'm just so lazy now that Chinese New Year is over. I just want to sleep!!

Oh, I didn't exercise today, but I didn't eat a lot either. I needed to give my body a break today.

Anyway, I'm gonna get to bed now. Good night.


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