Saturday, February 7, 2009

Easy Day

This morning, as usual, I had pho with Mr. Mark. I was a little late meeting him.. oops! But we had an enjoyable meal. The bike ride there is always interesting as sometimes people get in our way. His loud horn on his big chopper scares people, and that makes me chuckle.

After breakfast, I went to KTV to prepare for my lessons tomorrow that I'm teaching at the temple. We are doing introductions and simple present tense - yaye! I am excited to see them learn!

This afternoon, I did laundry and cleaned around my house a little. I did thirty-five minutes of cardio while watching American Idol. I've gotten into this habit of only doing cardio if there is something interesting on tv to watch. It makes the time go by faster.

I was supposed to teach a class tonight at KTV, but Mark filled in for me because Sophia, Joe, and I made plans for dinner. It was nice to visit with them, and I hadn't seen Joe in a long time. He came bearing gifts from Korea. He brought me some Korean noodles, and I'm sooo excited to get them because (sorry, all my Viet friends but..) Vietnamese noodles are terrible!!

We had a little Korean wine (no beer as I am sticking to my New Year's resolution) and some pork spring rolls.

Now, I'm packing and getting things in order for my visit to the temple tomorrow. I will stay overnight and return on Monday morning or afternoon sometime. See you on Monday! Cheers!


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