Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Times

Another great visit to the temple. This visit wasn't as relaxing as the last ones as I taught three classes - three enjoyable classes, I might add. However, I had a wonderful time and got to see all my great friends. Tien and I got to hang out and spend some time together so that in itself is worth the visit.

I drove back today about 12:30 and got home about 1:30 or so. I'm a speedster on the road when I have my mp3 plugged into my ears. My moped/scooter contraption for sure kicks butt on the highway.

Tonight, I taught two classes at KTV. Both were fantastic! After finishing, Tanh Ban and Chi Da stopped by my house. They are in town for a funeral and are staying the night. I'm gonna eat breakfast with them in the morning. Here they are chillen on my bed as they were so tired from the day's events.

Time to go to sleep. Gotta get up early to meet the boys in the morning. Good night.


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