Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today was a Good Day

This wonderful Tuesday began with my waking up at 5am. Who knows why? I've caught the "Jerry Strahan Syndrome" where I wake up now before dawn. Grrr!! I did thirty minutes of cardio before scarfing down two bowls of pho with Mr. Mark around 8. Then, I settled into my bed, checked email, videos, and just rested. I was almost feeling 100% at this point from my binge drinking on Friday. Yes, it's taken four days for my liver to forgive me. Funny thing about the liver - it's one of the few organs that can heal itself. Also to note, it's Day 4 of my self-proclaimed sobriety. Shall I celebrate this achievement with a glass of red wine? heh! I kid, I kid!

I FINALLY - for the first time in a very long time - managed to get in a deep nap. That lasted two hours, and I wasn't aware of my surroundings when I awoke from this hibernation. It felt.. good! I then ate a couple of bowls of rice and pork with Co Mai and Mr. Phong for a late lunch. I have also made a pledge to stop eating so much meat. I don't see myself cutting back altogether because I am a Southern redneck boy. Step by step on the meat!

A few hours later, I did another round of thirty minutes on the cardio machine. I'm kicking ass today!

Trust came over and we grabbed some coffee next door. He broke up with his girlfriend so he was a bit sad.

I just finished my third round of thirty minutes on my cardio machine! Hooray!! An hour and a half of cardio today! I WILL be healthy... not skinny... but healthy!

I probably won't get to bed any time soon, but I just wanted to commend myself on my wonderful nap and workout sessions.

Indeed, it was a good day.


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