Saturday, February 14, 2009

Too Tired to Type

So, I've taught five shifts today since 7:30 this morning. It's 9:30pm now, and I'm just getting home. I did have a little lunch and dinner break so I really shouldn't be so tired, but I was up until after 2am looking for my passport that I still haven't located. Grr...

Before work, I met Giao for Valentines' Day pho.. Then we both went to work where I presented her with a rose. I think she was embarrassed because I gave it to her in front of all the other teachers. Sorry, Giao. :D

Ti dropped my photos off at the photo shop, and I got them back this afternoon. If I go to the temple tomorrow, I will take them to the monks and nuns. I think they will enjoy them.

Ban is making me feel better by telling me it's not that difficult to get a new passport since I'm a white American - ha.

My house is halfway wrecked and sorted through due to looking for this dang passport.

Now, I'm going to bed. Gotta teach a shift in the morning. Good night.


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