Thursday, March 12, 2009

92 kg!!

YEAH!!! So, I'm getting serious about getting healthy and losing weight. I've officially lost 20 kg since being here in Vietnam almost 7 months. I need to calculate that into lbs.... one moment... WOOHOOO!! 44 lbs!! And still about maybe 15 more lbs to go, and I'll be happy. Actually, I'd be "OKAY" with 10 lbs.. but.. I'd like to be in the late 180's range. Stay tuned.

So people are asking me what I'm doing to lose weight. Here's what I've done: Eaten a hell of a lot of rice and vegetables, cut meat almost completely out of my diet - and chocolate, too, for that matter. Haven't eaten potato chips, hamburgers, or french fries (because they don't so much have those things in Vietnam). Also, I have stopped drinking beer altogether. I also exercise every day for at least thirty minutes. I want to go back to my doctor for my medical checkup in September and WOW him with my weight loss, low blood pressure, and low cholesterol! The last time I was there, he was not happy at all with all those things as they were all too high.

So on to today's events: This morning, I met Mr. Mark for pho. Afterward, I drove down to Saigon to see and have lunch with em. We had a good lunch and went to Citimart to find saltine crackers. Unfortunately, ours was a search in futility. Luckily, Mr. Thom also went into Saigon today and conjured me up two boxes. I was thoroughly excited to get those goodies at work today! Thanks, Mr. Thom!

Work was good tonight. I didn't have to teach until 6:30 so I enjoyed the predictable nap in the afternoon after returning from Saigon. After waking up from my nap and before going to work (wow, the sequence of the day's events are completely sporadic in this paragraph.. sorry), I watched the results from American Idol and exercised for about thirty five minutes. I was so into Idol that I wasn't keeping track of how long I was on the machine. Jasmine and Jorge are out, but Slumdog Anoop is safe. Can't wait for next week! Exercising is soo much easier when Idol is on.

Now, I'm gonna wait for em to call and go to sleep thereafter. Good night.


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