Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I didn't even realize today was black day until one of my students tonight told me at the end of class. Nothing unusual happened except I kinda.. well, not kinda.. I did break my diet today. Whatever. I ate healthy all week so I deserved it.

Today was a day of cleaning around my house. I did laundry, swept, cleaned out my refrigerator, put clothes away, etc. Em is coming tomorrow so I'm getting ready for the visit.

I'm working all day tomorrow... blah. I go in at 7:45am and finish at 10:30am, have a break until 3:30pm and work until 9pm. Then I go back in on Sunday morning for a shift. I'm gonna need a looonnnng nap on Sunday afternoon.

Gonna go to bed now. Good night.

Below are pics of the fence or gate or whatever it is they've put up in place of the jungle :( More construction to come undoubtedly.


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