Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good Day So Far

Got up early as usual, ate pho with Mr. Mark, and then Nick, Mark, Judy, and I drove our bikes down to Saigon.. the back way. As Nick called it, "Mr. Mark's Ethnic Tour" as we saw lots of locals while taking the alternate route. Got to the embassy, FINALLY had the correct paperwork, paid a hundred bucks, and was APPROVED!!! Hooray!! Considering there's no problem with my background check, I'll have my new passport in 3 weeks! Happy times are here again!!

Nick and I grabbed some drinks (coffee and pineapple juice) at a local cafe while Mark and Judy searched for USD on the black market in shady alleys of the city. Oh my! We ventured over to a dvd shop, and I bought some series of The Office, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, and Ghost Whisperer. Can't wait to start watching them! DVD sets are sooo cheap here. I love Vietnam! Nick and I then waddled over to Diamond Plaza and looked around a bit.

Afterward, Mark, Judy, and Nick went to Saigon Square, and I stayed around the area to meet up with a buddy, Tai. We had coffee, pho (again) for lunch, and enjoyed some coffee in a coffee connected to the Sheraton Hotel. He's a cool kid, and I'm looking forward to hanging out with him again tomorrow when I go back to Saigon with Giao for clothes and phone shopping!!

Gonna get in some cardio now, shower, and go to work. I've got two classes to teach tonight. Cheers!


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