Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Challenging Myself

... to become a better teacher, to stop joking around in class, to ensure that my students are learning.

The biggest obstacle is for me to stop being funny. I'm just a humorous guy by nature. It's my thing. I'm funny. I am challenging myself to stop joking in class. It's not how Vietnamese students choose to learn. My favorite teachers were always the funny teachers. They broke up the monotony of learning and made me want to learn. I need to take what Lam said to me today and realize and remember that the students are paying a lot of money for their lessons. They don't want a comedy show; they want a lesson. I will do this.

Thanks, Miss Lam, for giving me some great advice and helping me to see a different perspective. I always love a good challenge, and I will take this one on.

Another pic from the good ole days...


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