Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Diet Sunday

So this morning I worked one shift at KTV. When I finished, Mr. Thom, Sophia, and I headed over to Sophia's house for lunch.. and beer, of course... and chocolate. Diet tomorrow, seriously. Anyway, it was a great day of feasting and rewarding myself for all my hard work, especially since I weighed in at 91kg this morning... of course, it might take me all week to work everything off that I ate today, but it was worth it! Only 3 more kg to go to my goal and 7 to go to my target weight.

After lunch, I went to Sophia's other job at Mr. Pho's school. Following that, we all went to drink coffee. From there, I met Mr. Pho's family, and we went for dinner and beer. More beer. Wow! So much for my New Year's resolution. Whatever! I've worked hard! I deserved it (in my mind.. ).

Below are some pics from today's events. Drinking beer at Sophia's house, drinking coffee in the afternoon, and a few of the teachers outside Mr. Pho's school. Good night.


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