Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Some people like you; some people don't. Same as teaching. Some students like you; some students don't. I wish my school would support me more when there's a complaint that I'm too funny. Where are the comments of the students who love me? I never hear them. Tonight, one of my classes combined with another, and I ended up not teaching it. Half the students saw me leaving early, and left immediately because they wanted me to teach them. I told them to go back in, but they left. That tells me SOMETHING about the students liking me. I'm almost to the point where I want to say, "Fuck it!" My school needs a SERIOUS lesson in public relations! My manager has no clue how to deal with people and their complaints. I'm about to stop enjoying my job and start being a hardass, showing up for work, teaching, and just going home - not investing my time any further. I'm JUST about over it.

Today was boring. I really stayed in bed all day and feel better because of it. I've been bored in bed.. but... I know what my body needs, and I listen to it when I'm sick. I was well enough to knock back a few beers with my buddy, Tien, tonight.

Idol is on tonight. For sure, gonna try to stay up late and watch it.

Until tomorrow...


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