Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Wonderful Day

I met the most wonderful lady tonight. But before I talk about my new friend, let me blog about my day.

Woke up early this morning... before 7am. I'm back to normal - yess!! Taught a shift at KTV, came home, changed, and taught tumbling to a bunch of Vietnamese teenage boys at a local park. Ti's hip hop crew wanted to learn tumbling, so I taught them how to run up a tree and flip. Fun times! And, of course, I showed them how to tumble. That was my exercise for the day since I didn't run. As old as I am, I really can't believe I can still do the things I do. After teaching the gang, I came home and took a very short nap (maybe 20 minutes), ate rice, and helped Ti with his English homework. I rested for the remainder of my lunch break until teaching another class at 3:30. Finished my class, came home, watched Idol.

I met Giao and two of her students for coffee, and then I met Sophia for a bowl of ice cream. Sophia and I ventured out on my bike to the night market that is near my house. As we were walking through, we met some of her family members. One of the ladies I met spoke wonderful English to me. I was so surprised so I asked her where did she learn her English. Without missing a beat, her reply was, "Well, I am married to a marine and have lived in the United States for 42 years." I laughed at her smart remark, and we became fast friends. So she's in Bien Hoa for a little vacation before she goes back to California. I took a picture with her. We had a great lengthy conversation about many things, and I really felt like I was catching up with one of my aunts. What a wonderful and special lady! So happy to have met her.

Sophia and I eating ice cream, and me with cotton candy!

Now, time for bed. I have to teach a class in the morning. Good night.


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