Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anh Yeu Em

Woke up about 5:25 this morning, ran out the door at 5:30, and Charlie was waiting for me at the park. It was difficult this morning, but I ran 6 laps and walked 4. Good exercise. I need to run the full 8 tomorrow morning, though, so I can run an even 3 miles.

Em came over today, and we studied... and played, of course. It was a good afternoon.

It stormed something awful later in the afternoon, and I fell asleep with the sound of the rain on my tin roof. I love that sound.

I taught a class at KTV tonight. It was a good class.

Boring day for the most part with some bright spots here and there. Bedtime now as I must get up early to run 3 miles! Good night.

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