Thursday, April 23, 2009

aww Bye, Anoop

One of my favorite Idol contestants was voted off today. So sad to see him go, but I'm even sadder that America is still not ready for an Indian-American Idol. Truly, he deserved to be in the Top 5. Bye, Anoop. Enjoy the tour!

Today I got more flowers as a gift! Hoorah! And also adding to my day was the fact that I ran non-stop over 3 miles this morning. Now, if I could only lay off chocolate, milk, and Korean noodles, I might lose some more weight. Ah, my eternal struggle between sugar and exercise! And, Alicia had her baby girl! Congratulations!!! Maybe I mentioned that already. Sorry.
America is still abuzz about Miss California's answer. All said and done, she DIDN'T answer the question, and I wish everyone could see that instead of making more of it and distracting from the fact that she simply didn't answer the question. She should have talked about a state legislative perspective instead of giving her own religious beliefs and personal opinion about the indirect subject. In short, she gave an indirect response.

Time for bed... after I eat my late-night noodles. G'nite.


Blogger Aurelia Joy said...

I agree with the Miss California ordeal. Despite the content of the question being a controversial issue, she simply gave a bad answer. It was just not good. She should have said something like each state should decide on the issue on their own. I'm kinda getting tired of hearing about it.

April 23, 2009 at 11:38 PM  

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