Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Ahhhh!! I just posted all about my day and lost all my info! Here goes again: the short version.

I slept in until 6am. I didn't run. No rest on Easter Sunday in this communist country so I taught two shifts at KTV in the morning. I finished at 11:15 and Giao and I met Jimmy and Hung at Sun and Sand Cafe for lunch. This place has become Giao and my hangout on the weekends. Afterward, Jimmy and I came back to my crib and chilled for the afternoon.

Jimmy left, and I opted not to take a nap and instead went to Coopmart to buy milk and double chocolate Milano cookies. I was missing my friends and family on this holiday, so I drank some Korean red wine (bokbunja) that I had in my fridge. Yes, yes, I drank alone. Isn't that a sign of alcoholism? Anyway, I'll run it all off in the morning. Below are some pics from lunch. Giao will KILL me when she sees her pic! Later.

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