Friday, April 24, 2009

Impressed with my World/Horizon Class

Tonight was the last night teaching my World/Horizon class as they will move on to Level 7 next week; I don't teach Level 7. They were the first class I taught, and I have grown very close to them the eight months I've been teaching them.

Tonight's lesson was on "Touchy Subjects," and I gave them five choices of topics to debate. They chose gay marriage. I was really impressed with and proud of their points because this communist country isn't so open about non traditional lifestyles. I think it takes courage for them to think outside of their environment, and I was especially impressed that none of them brought up religion in the debate.

It was a great night to end on. We'll have a party in two weeks so I can say goodbye to them.

My stomach is in knots tonight so I'm gonna call it an early night. Good night.

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