Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Morning in Saigon

Got up super early this morning - 4:45 to be exact. I ran out the door at 5:15am to do my three miles at the park. I worked up a serious sweat this morning as my entire shirt was SOAKED. 8 laps are three miles, and Charlie joined in on my 7th lap. I ran 7, walked 1, ran another and walked another. Charlie took me home on his bike because I was DONE! I took a pic of how I look after I finish running three miles. I don't know if the camera even almost did justice to my wet t-shirt.
After running, Jimmy and I rented a car and driver and went into Saigon to run some errands. I had to pick up my passport and visa that FINALLY came in so YAYE I'm legally in this country again. My passport is now in the custody of Co Mai and her safe so that I don't lose it.. again. After picking up my passport, we went to Saigon Square and did some shopping. I bought some Abercrombie shirts, and he bought underwear. We came back to Bien Hoa and ate lunch together. He went home, and I took a short nap because it was interrupted with Ms. Yen calling me to tell me of a schedule change. So, my usual three-hour nap was downsized to thirty minutes. I'm tiredddd now and am going to bed soon.
I taught two classes tonight at KTV, and when I arrived home, there was a special gift waiting for my on my table. Co Mai bought me a candy bar. I ate a small piece tonight, of course, but I love those nice little gifts in life. I put the remainder of the bar in the fridge for later. Picture below, and off I go to bed. Good night.

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