Friday, April 17, 2009

Nothing Special

I slept in this morning.. until 7:45am. I took a day off from running because I was super tired. My body needed to rest, so I let it. I went shopping this morning for a few things. I got some brown hair dye for my hair because I surely have a crapload of grey hair since I'm letting my hair grow out now for the first time in a very long time. Who knew it was there? I've kept it so short for 2 years now. When did I go grey? AHHH!!

Em came over today to check on me because I was just tired and not feeling enthusiastic. Went out and bought me some medicine just in case. What a sweetheart! I'm so lucky. My life is great to finally have someone in it to share everything with. It's nice to be loved and to love back.

I slept after em left for a couple of hours, got up, and went to KTV in the afternoon to prep for my lessons, came back home, got dressed, and taught two classes tonight. I met em after work for coffee, followed me home to make sure I made it safely... so sweet. Can you see my smile from where you are sitting? :D

Now, time for bed. I'm debating running in the morning because my body is still tired. I've got Giao's party in the morning, also, and one class tomorrow night at 7:45. All day free! What a great life! Good night.

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