Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a Day!

Where do I begin?

Ah, let's start with waking up this morning at 5:30! I was too lazy to run to the park so Mr. Phong and I walked there from the house. Once there, I ran a little over two miles and walked a bit. It was definitely difficult to run this morning. Don't know why. I threw some back handspring series for ab work. No back tucks though - too blah and worn out from the run.

Jimmy came over this morning, and we hung out a bit before going to lunch. Afterward, we went for coffee, and Giao met up with us. It was a good visit, and I'm always happy to see my lovely friend.

Jimmy and I went back to my house after coffee. He left around 3:30pm, and I slept for about an hour and a half. Gotta have my naps!!

Tonight on the way to work, there were all these things flying all over the place. I had no idea what they were. After arriving at work, I learned that moths swarm this time of year. Not cute.. and ESPECIALLY not cute when you drive a motorcycle!!

At work, Mr. Mark #2 got pissy and quit. He was socially retarded anyway so no loss.. EXCEPT that he was teaching Tran Dai Nghia High School in my place. So, guess what that means? I have to go back to teaching there on Thursday mornings. Not ideal and not happy, but Mr. Thom said it's only for two weeks. I'm going to take him on his word. Although it's not a terrible situation, it's just not an environment that I enjoy. Two weeks.. two weeks. I can do it.

Oh.. I also learned today that my passport is ready! Hooray!! So, Giao and I are going to Saigon tomorrow morning (after I run) to pick it up. I then have to drop it off at a tour guide place to get my VISA so that I can be here in this country legally! We're going shopping after that. Gotta get some new pants, shirt, and a tie. And Giao wants something, too. heh!

Bedtime now. Gotta be up early to exercise this lunch off that I had today.

Below, some pictures from last weekend. Enjoy!

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