Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day at the Temple

Oh how great it was to see all the monks and nuns again! Nancy, Mr. Thom, Ms. Khanh and I all took a taxi to the temple to ensure our safe arrival. If you're interested, the coordinates of my temple on google earth are 10°31'15.40"N, 107° 7'36.37"E . Below are some photos of the day.

Oh! Nghiem Tien shaved my head during the visit so I'm bald again. After incurring cuts and minor discomfort from them, he later told me I was the first person's head he ever shaved. haha! Ouch!

Tan Banh, Michael, and Nghiem Nghia riding down the lift to the temple..

Me leading the group to the waterfall...

Still climbing...

My "younger brother," Nghiem Tien and Nancy..

The wonderful Master answering questions..

And SUPER special thanks to Nancy for taking these wonderful photos!
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