Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday in Saigon

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. Nancy, Vuong, and I went into the city to do some shopping, eating, exploring... lots of fun things. Nancy brought her camera so I will post pictures as soon as I get them from her.

For the first time, I took the train into the city. It took about 40 minutes and was all of 12,000 Vietnamese dong - which is roughly 70 cents for a car with air conditioner, cloth seats, and television. It was good times and DEFINITELY a lot less stressful than driving my bike and a lot less expensive than taking a taxi. Why didn't I discover this ten months sooner? Anyway, now I know.. for future reference.

Vuong and I took Nancy around to look at some of the sites of Saigon. Having done all this many times before, we just let Nancy go off and explore while we sat, talked, and rested. We are lazy.

I found a couple of shirts at Saigon Square and bought some American chocolate (Riesens) and candy (Skittles) at an American supermarket there in the city. Oh! I found Graham crackers, too! They have all been handed over to Nancy as she is responsible for rationing out portions to me so that I don't make myself sick by eating it all at once - which I would TOTALLY do!

I went to bed early last night and woke up early this morning at 4:30. I went out for my usual 6.2km run. I must say that I thoroughly enjoy my new route in the mornings as I'm not being bothered by people requesting me to speak English to them. I go early and have learned NOT to say hello to people on the street should they try and gesture to me. Not to be rude, but it's my workout time. I'm focused on the task. The wonderful things about getting up so early to run are 1. it's over with so I have the rest of the day to NOT worry about exercising and 2. the long nap that awaits me in the morning when I finish. This is what I'm about to do now as it's 5:55am.

My life.. is good. Enjoying it.

Here's what I look like after running 6.2km (3.85miles).

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