Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Night of Karaoke

So.. last night after work, Nancy and I were invited by Mrs. Nam and Mr. Chau to eat at a restaurant of a friend of theirs. The night turned into a barrage of whiskey drinking and karaoke. I'm not a late night person any more so I was quite ready to go home well before eleven. The night continued on to a karaoke dive down the road from my house. Below are a couple of photos from the night.

This is part of a rhino horn. It's $10,000 for 4 grams. Apparently, when ground up and put in water, it cures acid reflux (for the night). I must say that it did a splendid job! I had no acid reflux all night! Pictured with me is the owner of the restaurant, Hau, and the purchaser of the rhino horn (well over 4 grams). Suffice it to say, he's got a little bit of money.

Here we are afterward trying to thumb through all the songs in an attempt to find songs in English.

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